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Quality Policy Statement

The Management of Aerial Contracting Limited, are dedicated to providing all their customers with products which conform in all respects to their expectations and which meet the requirements of BS:EN:ISO 9001:2000.


Quality is our legacy and our future.

It is the policy of Aerial Contracting to systematically integrate the achievement of quality into everything we do, individually and collectively, through all phases in the life cycle of our services, from identification of market needs to final satisfaction of customer and regulatory requirements.

The Aerial Contractings' Quality Management System defines, aligns, manages, integrates, and improves processes to ensure customer, employee, and community satisfaction.


Management is responsible for providing the leadership, resources, process management, training, and environment so that each Aerial Contracting person has the ownership, personal responsibility and accountability, and the capability to control and continually improve the quality of their processes and services.

This Policy, together with all other components of the Company Quality System are mandatory and will be observed by all who act, in whatever capacity, on behalf of Aerial Contracting Limited. No deviation from prescribed procedures will be allowed without the express permission of the Quality Representative.

The management accept responsibility for communicating to all employees, Aerial Contracting Limited, commitment to quality and for ensuring that the Quality Policy is  understood, implemented and maintained at all levels. Quality objectives are established and will be reviewed during the Management Review process.  All members of staff are encouraged and motivated to be conscious of the contribution, which they can make towards the achievement of these Quality Objectives.

Given the progressive nature of Quality Assurance, the management will use measures set out in the Quality System to effect continual improvement.

Everybody in Aerial Contracting Limited, is recognised as a valued contributor to the continued success of the Company, not least through achievement of the highest quality standards.

The management of Aerial Contracting Limited, have appointed a Quality Representative who has total responsibility and authority for the implementation and maintenance of the Company’s Quality system.

Signed: N.Pazadian

Managing Director
Date: January 2018