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Health & Safety Policy Document

The staff at Aerial Contracting recognises their responsibilities with regard to the implementation of The Health and Safety at Work Act 2005 and the need to be aware that we ensure responsibilities for safety and health are assigned, accepted and carried out at all levels throughout the Organisation.  To ensure that all practicable steps are taken to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all Employees, Contractors and Visitors to premises or operations under our control as well as protection of the Environment. 

It is therefore our intention to:

• Provide and control safe systems of work for all employees through comprehensive Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment processes, reinforced by performance and monitoring reviews.
• Provide and maintain plant and systems of work which are safe and without risks to health for all employees whilst on company business.
• Make arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances.
• Provide information, instruction and training as is necessary to secure the health and safety of all employees.
• Ensure that all employees whether management, staff, supervisors or other employees know and understand their responsibilities in respect of health and safety matters and provide resources to ensure that safety instructions are carried out that systems and procedures are followed.
• Following risk assessments of identified hazards we will provide appropriate controls.

• Maintain proper provision for fire precautions, firefighting and systems for evacuation and rescue from towers in the event of any emergency.
• Provide appropriate provision of medical and related facilities to safeguard the health and welfare of all employees.
• Provide adequate working conditions and proper facilities to safeguard their health and safety and to ensure that work undertaken produces no or minimal risk.
• Maintain records to allow safety and health performance to be measured and that where incidents to occur they are used as learning events.
• Encourage through consultation, the co-operation and involvement of all employees in achieving these objectives so that a positive safety culture is maintained.
• Provide facilities for specialist safety advice as required.
• This policy will be communicated through induction training, referred to during other training and at other relevant opportunities to ensure that employees can give support to the fulfilment of this policy.

As required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, all Management and supervisory staff will be given sufficient training and information to ensure that they demonstrate commitment in achieving the aims of this policy and all employees are therefore expected to assist by:

• Taking all reasonable steps to safeguard themselves and any other persons who may be affected by what they do or don't do whilst at work on company business.
• Co-operate with Management to enable any duty or requirement imposed on Aerial Contracting Ltd by stature to be performed or complied with.
• Use protective equiptment whenever necessary and follow client site working arrangements that will be notified to them.
• Understand that property damage, environmental damage and product safety are important issues along with the health, safety and welfare of all.

It is recognised that Aerial Contracting operate in a dynamic environment and therefore this policy will be reviewed annually in light of future developments.  Alongside this there will be routine monitoring and effective communications applied throughout the year.

Signed: N.Pazadian

Managing Director

Date: January 2018