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Environmental Policy Statement

Aerial Contracting recognise that if our activities are not managed efficiently and professionally, there may be some environmental consequences.  We will therefore seek to minimise the effects of our activities on the environment by:

Where possible:

• Using materials and substances from renewable sources
• Recycling waste materials
• Exercising controls over vehicles to limit their environmental impact
• Exercising controls over discharges from site
• Conducting Environmental reviews of our activities

All Management and Employees will be made aware of the effects their actions could have on the environment.  The Directors supported by staff all accept these responsibilities and expect all employees to co-operate with the Company to carry this policy through.

Training and information will be provided for all employees (and site workers) on their impact on the environment when working for the company.  Operational control will be maintained through incorporation of environmental matters into our safety systems.

All employees are encouraged to report any potential effects they consider our work is having on the environment.  All reports will be followed up and where appropriate corrective actions will be put in place and follow-up procedures implemented.

Please see our Carbon Footprint page for further details on how we are constantly evolving to ensure carbon emissions and our environmental impact is kept to a minimal.

Signed: N.Pazadian  

Managing Director

Date: January 2018